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We Purchase
Insulated wire
Engine parts
Computer scrap
Brass and Bronze

Exceptional Service | Earth Friendly
Welcome to a Cleaner World
Family Owned
Green Earth Metal Recycling, Inc. is a family owned, secondary metal recycling company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our family has dedicated more than twenty years to recycling and even more years to community service. We are proud that we have already kept tens of millions of pounds of scrap metal out of Texas landfills and that we have added to our community through donations of our time and resources to the Arts, children’s programs, social programs, and individuals and families.

Computer Hardware and Peripherals
Green Earth Metal Recycling recycles computer hardware and peripherals.

A certificate of scrap metal destruction will be provided upon request, which states that all data on storage devices has been electronically wiped clean or physically destroyed.

Green Earth Metal Recycling recycles plastic.

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Recycling is not only a way to actively participate in the preservation of our planet’s limited natural resources, it is also a great way to earn extra money.

Green Earth Metal Recycling, Inc. is a certified D/FW MWBE.
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